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If you’ve ever done any administration for a darts competition, you’ll know just how much work there is involved in running it.

You have spreadsheets to update, social media posts to do, questions to answer.

Wouldn’t you like a solution that can save all the hassle?

We can help you

The dartscomps.com solution for league management has many benefits which allows both you, as league admin, and your players to stop worrying about the frustrating parts of running a league system and get back to enjoying the sport we all love.

Just some of the benefits

  • Online league accessible at any time of any day
  • Simple administration
  • Automatic updates
  • 24/7 support

How does it work?

Once the league is setup and the fixtures entered, you will be given a username and password for your admin access and you can then submit the results. The tables and the stats update automatically once you’ve entered a result.

Here is what our customers are saying about dartscomps:

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