The Graded Darts at Home Leagues

The Graded Darts at Home Leagues are a set of divisions that include players of only a certain quality level per division. In the top division will be the very best players, the second division will have the next best group, and so on. 

Each division will have its own prize pot based on the number of entries and the entry fee.

The lowest leagues will be £5 entry and the top division will be £20 entry. Depending on the number of entries, other divisions will have entry fees that range between £7.50 and £15. Entry deadline Friday 10th July.

To enter:

Fill out the form below with all relevant information. 

Pay your £5 DEPOSIT. By clicking on the button below.

You will then be contacted after the entry deadline to confirm which division you’re in and to provide you with a link to pay the remainder of your entry fee. 

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